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Update (2017-3-2)

This entire project is being rewritten in PowerShell V5 and will be published to the PowerShellGallery. You can follow the project on GitHub at

Project Description
Talking to databases (Sql Server, SQLite, Oracle & PostGreSql) the PowerShell way; simple commands... powerful opportunities.

SimplySql is a module that provides an intuitive set of cmdlets for talking to databases that abstracts the vendor specifics, allowing you to focus on getting work done.

The basic pattern is to connect to a database, execute one or more sql statements and then close your database connection. This module provides cmdlets that map to this basic pattern.

  1. Download the zip file
  2. Unblock the zip file
  3. Extract the zip file to your modules folder
  4. From within powershell run: import-module SimplySql
The zip contains 1 folder "SimplySql" -- so if your module folder is: c:\modules -- then you should extract the zip to the folder c:\modules and once it is complete you should have a c:\modules\SimplySql folder. Inside this folder should be some dll files, a SimplySql.psd1 and SimplySql.psm1 files.

If c:\modules is not part of your module path ($Env:PSModulePath) then you can install import it like this:
import-module c:\modules\simplysql

Cmdlets (alias):
Open-SqlConnection (osc), Close-SqlConnection (csc), Show-SqlConnection (ssc), Test-SqlConnection (tsc), Invoke-SqlScalar (iss), Invoke-SqlQuery (isq), Invoke-SqlUpdate (isu), Get-SqlMessage, Invoke-SqlBulkCopy, Start-SqlTransaction, Complete-SqlTransaction, Undo-SqlTransaction.

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